Friday, April 5, 2013

Wedding Photographers’ Point & REVIEW !

Wedding Photographers’ Point & REVIEW !

My review isn't based on one experience but many. I'm a wedding photographer here in southern California being that the case I've worked with a lot of Djs. I believe a Dj, can mean the difference between your guests enjoying an event or leaving early (which I've seen). I have had the privilege of working with Jay on several occasions and believe that he is ...the top as far as DJs in southern California. His lighting and sound quality has been spot on every time. He really spends time before an event to make sure everything is set up correctly. He is both entertaining and acutely aware of crowd. He studies the crowd to make sure people are having a good time. He also has the ability to improvise better then any Dj I've run across. So if there is a problem with catering and the foods running late he'll come up with something to entertain your guest while they wait.

Professionally I love it when a Dj tells me what's coming up before he's announcing it so I know to be ready with the right lens.

Sometimes it's nearly impossible to shoot a first dance with out getting the DJ booth in the picture. There is nothing worse when you're editing photos and seeing a dj just standing there. Recently I was working with Eddie from The D'Jay Company and noticed that he got out of the way when I was shooting. I love that this team is aware of stuff like that. They really are as professional as they come!!!!

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