Friday, April 5, 2013

Wedding Photographers’ Point & REVIEW !

Wedding Photographers’ Point & REVIEW !

My review isn't based on one experience but many. I'm a wedding photographer here in southern California being that the case I've worked with a lot of Djs. I believe a Dj, can mean the difference between your guests enjoying an event or leaving early (which I've seen). I have had the privilege of working with Jay on several occasions and believe that he is ...the top as far as DJs in southern California. His lighting and sound quality has been spot on every time. He really spends time before an event to make sure everything is set up correctly. He is both entertaining and acutely aware of crowd. He studies the crowd to make sure people are having a good time. He also has the ability to improvise better then any Dj I've run across. So if there is a problem with catering and the foods running late he'll come up with something to entertain your guest while they wait.

Professionally I love it when a Dj tells me what's coming up before he's announcing it so I know to be ready with the right lens.

Sometimes it's nearly impossible to shoot a first dance with out getting the DJ booth in the picture. There is nothing worse when you're editing photos and seeing a dj just standing there. Recently I was working with Eddie from The D'Jay Company and noticed that he got out of the way when I was shooting. I love that this team is aware of stuff like that. They really are as professional as they come!!!!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The hottest thing happening at Wedding receptions isn't just on the dance floor !

The hottest thing happening at Wedding receptions isn't just on the dance floor -- it's on the wedding cake, the invitations, the centerpieces, and even the bride's gown. It's big, bold color. Years ago brides used color to accent their white wedding day decor, but now they're using color to cover every inch of the wedding. We've developed a step-by-step guide on color coordination (from choosing it to decorating with it) to help you dream up a bright wedding day.

Choosing Your Color

First things first: location. When deciding on a scheme, you must consider the reception space or choose a space without decor or color. If you've chosen a country club with navy and maroon Oriental carpets, a color scheme of lime green and hot pink won't work.
Next, become aware of color combinations that you like, whether browsing art galleries or flipping through a stack of fashion magazines. You might be able to narrow down your color choices to a half a dozen. To help you choose the exact hue for your wedding details, visit a local fabric store or paint shop and collect swatches or chips of colors you might want to use. This will help you get specific, so that when you decide on green you'll know if it's lime green, kelly green, sage green, or forest green. If you have access to a Pantone book, use this collection of colors to select your shade the same way graphic designers do. Many invitation designers mix ink to match the colors in this book, and many cake bakers use Pantone numbers as a reference when creating dye for frosting. Can't decide on just one or two colors? Don't worry. In fact, many extraordinary weddings feature a variety of colors, sometimes up to five, that work together to create a specific sensibility -- like an "English garden" with green, yellow, pink, red, and brown, or "Fall in New England" with orange, red, brown, and gold.

Where & How to Execute Color
Where and how you use color really depends on the mood you are trying to create. The best way to get started is to figure out what emotions you want your celebration to evoke. A peaceful, Zen-like retreat? A regal, romantic affair? A jumping, high-energy party?
For instance, a vibrant summer yellow mixed with chocolate brown (think sunflowers and bees) is perfect for a country-chic wedding style; add gold to the mix, and the combination becomes more reminiscent of Northern Italy. As another example, leaf green paired with cantaloupe is pretty for a waterside wedding; but pair this green with copper, and you have a color scheme that's formal enough for a ballroom or an estate setting. If your wedding takes place in multiple spaces, each room can have its own color scheme.

The Elements of Style

Attire Your gown doesn't have to be solid white, especially since color accents are increasingly more available. A blue or red sash around the waist is striking and still very bridal. The groom and his guys can also sport color in their ties or on their cuff links. But color will be most prominently displayed throughout the day in the bridemaid dresses. Some fervent folks might want to match the dresses to the invitation ribbons, the favor tags, and the bouquets but this isn't the only way to define a style. Mixing and matching dresses in varying shades -- pink and orange, or pale green and yellow -- can sometimes make a statement stronger than uniformity.

Invitations Your invitations set the stage for the event, so remember that mood you want to evoke? This is your time to show it off. Coordinating the invitation colors with those of the wedding can be as easy as choosing a color font, ribbon, or monogram or as elaborate as layering colorful cards.
Flowers & Decor No matter what color you've chosen, chances are you'll be able to find flowers in that shade -- but that, of course, does not mean the blooms will be available or affordable. If your dream flowers aren't an option, use neutral white flowers with centerpiece containers or other decor elements in your color.

Wedding Cake The cake is one of the easiest places to add color -- all it takes is the right mixing. The color should reflect the other style elements used throughout the wedding. But when it comes to cake, your color options are the most flexible. White icing makes a marvelous background for colorful sugar flowers, sugar-paste stripes or polka dots, or other effects. Fondant can also be created in any number of shades. For instance, a yellow and brown country-chic wedding might have a wedding cake iced in a light brown basket weave and topped with fresh sunflowers.
Favors Ultimately, it's more important to give something meaningful rather than something that matches, but it can be a nice touch to your favors package in your color scheme. Use gift tags and ribbons to incorporate your colors into your favors. If favors will be left at each place setting, consider how they will look with your wedding linens and flowers.

New Ways to Use Color

We should point out that overdoing it with a matchy-match look is entirely possible. (You don't want your guests thinking, Um, yeah, lavender...we get it.) Begin with the five essential wedding elements (attire, invitations, flowers, cake, and favors) and see where you can -- or should -- add more color. Then consider details, such as napkins, candles, signature drinks, your ring pillow, or your guest book, made from the same fabric and in the same color as the bridesmaid dresses.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tips for finding wedding vendors

If you are newly engaged and starting to plan your wedding, you are probably realizing what a daunting task it can be to choose the right vendors for your big day. Whether it is a Wedding Coordinator, florist, DJ, cake, or a venue, there are more than enough of each of them to make the wedding world go ’round. If you are like me, having that many choices causes anxiety; and if you are like many of my brides, you have no clue where to start. Here are a few tips to guide you!

Work with a Wedding Planner! If I had a nickel for every time a bride told me that she didn’t need a coordinator because “Aunt Sally can do it” or “my friend did a wedding once, she can coordinate for me”, I’d be a rich lady. But here’s the honest truth (a few of them): hiring a professional who does this for a living is worth its weight in gold. The money you spend on one, very well could be the money you save in other areas because of their expertise on something you overlooked. As the saying goes: ”If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”. You wouldn’t let Uncle Bob be your photographer with his iPhone camera right? Then why would you let Aunt Sally coordinate the biggest day of your life?! Unless, of course, she runs a wedding coordination business, then by all means, have at it. Wedding planners are a wealth of knowledge. They are able to refer you to the best vendors in your budget and often times get discounts they can pass along to you.

Set a budget! It really does you no good to look at (and fall in love with) a photographer whose packages start at $10,000 when your budget allows for $3,500 for photos. Make sure you know how much you have to spend in each category. It doesn’t hurt to be up front with your vendors about what your budget is. It helps them to be able to customize a quote specifically to your needs.

Book your venue first! Don’t start calling florists and photographers before you have a set date. What if your preferred date isn’t available at your dream venue? You’ll want to get your date set in stone with your venue before contacting the rest of the vendors to check availability. On a budget? Who isn’t! Make sure you ask about off peak specials! Sure, you may have dreamed as a young girl, with a pillowcase on your head for a veil, of getting married on a Saturday in August, but maybe getting married on a Friday would allow you the dress you have been eyeing that would have otherwise been out of budget. Most, if not all, venues offer off peak pricing. Fridays and Sundays are likely less expensive than Saturdays, and weekdays are an awesome deal (Thursday is the new Saturday, trust me). Getting married on a Friday allows for time over the weekend to spend with family and friends in town for your wedding or consider doing a Sunday Brunch followed by a family dinner that evening. Want to know what’s even cooler? It’s a pretty safe bet that the rest of your vendors are going to offer off peak pricing as well. Besides, in five years, no one will remember what day of the week it was; only that they had a great time!

Ask for recommendations! Talk to your venue! Has this vendor worked there before? If so, how did it go? Were they on time? Did they dress and act professionally? Did they treat the staff respectfully? Keep in mind, venues do weddings day in and day out, they are a great reference! Also, have any of your friends or family been through this lately? What did they think of their vendors? Maybe Cousin Suzie had gorgeous flowers but the florist wouldn’t return her calls and showed up late! As someone wise once told me “past performance predicts future behavior”.

Check out reviews on Wedding Wire! This website was created for a reason. These are real people who just went through the same thing you are. Their experience, good or bad, can impact yours. Do your homework!

Google Google Google! Has the vendor in question drummed up any news stories lately? Whether good or bad, you’ll want to know about it! Maybe they were just interviewed on a news segment as an expert in their field; or maybe they didn’t show up to a wedding (cold, hard truth: it’s happened before. Don’t let it be to you). I’d want to know!

Get Introduced! After you have narrowed down your choices, meet with the person you’ll be working with to make sure you are compatible. A vendor can look great on paper, but in person maybe you just don’t mesh. If you have to spend the next several months, your hard earned money, and the most important day of your life with this person, make sure you like them!

Have fun! Lastly, have fun doing it. Don’t let the stress of planning ruin this fun and exciting time in your life. Remember, you are marrying your best friend; it’s a celebration that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

What to Wear to a Wedding? Start With a Smile!

A wedding celebration is a very happy event to attend, but we often hear discussions on what to wear at weddings? Even though we are in the entertainment business, we actually get asked that question! We are the DJ's and Lighting Specialist and not the wardrobe adviser! But we still get asked.

We can however give you some guidance. After all we attend more weddings than almost anyone and we observe what works and what doesn't. The most common attribute of a successful ensemble is? A smile!

That being said, what should you wear at weddings? Here are some tips:

  1. First, you need to ask some pertinent questions. What time of day is the wedding? Are you going to the reception? Is it an indoor wedding or an outdoor event? Several things enter into the decision.
  2. Women attending a wedding should of course avoid white clothing. That color is usually reserved for the bride. If you’re at a day wedding, try some light neutral colors like pastel blue, yellow, pink or sand and champagne. Night time weddings lend themselves more to darker colors like reds, oranges, dark greens etc.
  3. If you wear a dress to the wedding then it’s better to choose something fairly plain as you don’t want to upstage the bride.
  4. Most women will decide to wear a dress simply because it usually is more feminine than a pantsuit, but you can still look feminine in a pantsuit with a pretty, ruffled blouse and short jacket.
  5. If you are not attending the reception, you can wear something that has less of a party feel.
  6. For daytime wedding, especially if held outside, you could consider wearing a cocktail dress. These tend to be more casual and they usually will feature a short skirt vs. the formal look.
  7. A formal wedding will mean that you need to wear an evening gown with a long skirt.  (You can pretend you’re on the red carpet!)
  8. Should couples wear outfits that match? Ugh! That seems so old fashioned! Just look your best as a couple. Again, it is the couple getting married that should be noticed.
Earlier we said that a smile is essential! The main thing is to enjoy the wedding, so comfort should be the first priority. You are not really the one that should be "showing off', that is the bride's job.

Just like choosing the right dress or suit can go on forever, so could our what to wear at weddings list. We really would like to hear from you! What did you wear to the last wedding you attended?

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5 Steps to a Memorable Wedding

Your wedding is a very special day. If done right, your friends and family will remember this day for years and if you follow your heart, so will you!

Here are five things to remember:

  1. It's never too early to plan. After you and your fiance finalize that big decision, look around you for volunteers or professionals who are willing to help. You will discover that you start to delegating task to others. By doing so you will find that the “big day” will go much more smoothly. The more you can delegate to others, the more the wedding will be truly your day!
  2. Keep the wedding within your budget. Don't regret the things you just couldn't afford. It is always better to be happy with what you can comfortably afford so that you leave enough funds for your future plans. However, do recognize that this is a special day, so make that call to a trusted adviser and select the professionals that will indeed make your wedding day special. By selecting a professionals who are experienced in weddings, the day will go much smoother.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff – it’s not what you or your quest will remember in ten years. As you make your plans, accept the fact that there will be unknowns and things will occur that you can't predict. Take a deep breath and roll with what is achievable.
  4. Be yourself and quit trying to please everyone. One of the biggest mistakes we see is couples trying to please everyone involved. It just won't happen. As you pick the venue, music, food and guest, you as a couple should have the final say on all the major decisions.
  5. Remember the end goal – your marriage. Let's be happy! Smile, smile and smile some more. This will be the greatest day of your life!

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wedding @ Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles ( Armenian )

When you think of a Los Angeles wedding, you think of glamour, style and luxury - and no other event venue is as quintessentially L.A. as the landmark Biltmore Hotel. What better location to celebrate such an important milestone than one as timeless and as regal as Old Hollywood itself?  The Biltmore has specialized in Los Angeles weddings, receptions, rehearsals and bridal showers for almost 90 years - let us help you realize the timeless event of your dreams.
Our on-site catering manager has been coordinating weddings for over 25 years and will be with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth event customized to your exact wishes. Select from innovative and diverse menus created by the Biltmore’s world-class culinary staff, and enjoy stylish displays of savory cuisine meticulously prepared on-site to ensure freshness.  Serviced by a courteous and professional banquet staff, the Biltmore ensures your wedding in Los Angeles will be smooth and personal from start to finish.

Fairytale Ballrooms

Whether hosting an intimate or grand affair, the Biltmore has a flexible and extraordinary setting to accommodate every need. The famous Crystal Ballroom, the legendary spot of the founding of the Academy Awards in 1927, features a hand painted 30-foot ceiling, carved columns, glittering mirrors and lush drapery. The second-story balconies surrounding the ballroom offer a magical setting to overlook the entire scene, while dazzling Austrian crystal chandeliers and shimmering

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